A bespoke purse is a expression of you
Ebonstar makes that vision a reality
Stage 1 - Phone Consultation
At this stage we work with you on what you are looking for & how together we can realize your vision
Stage 2 - Design Session
The magic is in the details. In this session we will really get to the heart of what it means to have a custom item. 
In this in person or remote session we work together to design your custom purse. 
Our team will have pulled together sample fabrics, leathers, and accents based on our first conversation.
Extra pockets, Accent colors, Custom hardware, the only limit is your imagination.
At this stage a 50% deposit will be required.
Stage 3 - The Build Process
These are handbuilt items and quality takes time. 
This is where are artisans work their magic. 
Timelines will vary based on materials, and complexity of the design but an estimate will be given during the Design Session.
Stage 4 - Delivery
We love to watch as a customer opens the box and sees their vision come to life
All products will come with their own handmade custom sized dustcovers and box for long term storage.
The unboxing experience will be as amazing as the product itself, 
Our purses are made to last a lifetime and you will treasure having been a part of the design process.


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