Flamingo Casserole Carrier

Jul 18th 2020

When I’m not making custom purses and masks, I often make items for my friends and family. So when my mom mentioned that she needed a way to carry her casseroles to her assorted events, I immediately … read more

Custom Switch Bag Reveal!!

Jul 14th 2020

A new pattern came out recently for a switch bag and I knew immediately this was something both my household and my customers needed in their life!This bag can hold 3 switches at once. Or 1 switch wit … read more
Mask Keeper Pattern

Mask Keeper Pattern

Virginia Franco on Jul 8th 2020

Since masks are a necessity right now and it doesn’t look like that will be changing anytime soon, I tried out a new pattern.This is a mask keeper, a zipper pouch that clips to your purse or belt lo … read more
From Scarves to Bespoke Bags

From Scarves to Bespoke Bags

Jun 22nd 2020

I started crafting very young. My grandmother taught me to how to hand embroider when I was about 5 and I've been crafting in some way ever since. I still have one of my first pieces that my grandmoth … read more

The Massey Purse

May 20th 2020

I can share this now that the purse has been received. This is one of the custom items that I work on in the background. Contact me if you’d like to commission a custom item of your own. &nbs … read more